Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm One Lucky Chic

You've heard that saying that goes something like - I wouldn't have any luck at all if I didn't have bad luck. Well that is how I feel this week.

We started off no nap for the twins on Monday. This made for a really long evening and one that I was ready to end.

On Tuesday my phone kicked the bucket and I head to go get a new one. Now I did get to get an iPhone but the twins once again did not get a nap! So number 2 really long evening.

On Wednesday my power steering went out in my van. I found out it was gone when I went to take the kids to school. That was not fun trying to maneuver the van around corners. I also had to go out of town and so we are up to number 3 day of naps. This made for the 3rd very long evening.

Now we are up to Thursday. While nothing has happened yet, I am still not out of the woods yet. I just woke up so I say give that luck a chance!

And what makes this all even worse is that my hubby is not here to make things better or the fact that I truly do not have any girl friends! I really need to find some online ones so I can vent or just share the day with!

I hope everyone else's week has gone so much better!

Obviously MARvelous


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