Saturday, October 29, 2011

I Feel Defeated....

Have you ever just had one of those days or in my case one of those weeks? I guess yesterday was my breaking point.

Nothing major happened for once all week. It was just the fact that after 5 days in a row of fighting with the twins to take a nap, I felt like I couldn't control them. I felt like they were walking all over top of me. I know I went in their room a good 10-15 times and numerous spankings before i finally got them to stay in their beds. My hubby can go in there once and they listen. I just don't get it. I do the exact same thing he does, it just doesn't work for me! So, I was feeling like I couldn't control them and an awful parent because of it.

Before I attempted to lay the twins down, I got a phone call that one of my dogs was in doggie jail! So, I guess something major did happen. Everything is just a blur at this point. I didn't even know she (Zoey) had gone outside. My other dog (Wyott) was laying on the couch quietly and I assumed that Zoey was laying somewhere too. I was wrong. So that was just one more failure to add to the pile for the week.

My house is completely out of control. It is messy and I have let it get so far behind this week that it will take me forever to get it back in order.

It's just been a bad week and I am really hoping that it turns around today. I definitely don't want another week like this one!

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