Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's Just Hair....

Back in the Summer I went to my doctor for headaches and to get some help with weight loss. After evaluating me she decided to put me on Topamax which would help in both areas.

It worked great! My headaches went away and I lost a lot of my weight. I was overjoyed to be finally getting back on track.

Fast forward - About 6 weeks ago I noticed I was losing a lot more hair than usual. I mean I don't think you are suppose to clog the drain in the tub everyday. When I pulled my hair back I really noticed it because I didn't have much of a ponytail.

After researching Topamax, I found that others were losing hair on the drug. So, I quit taking it about 5 weeks ago thinking that would stop my hair from falling out. As of todayI am still losing just as much hair as I was 5 weeks ago.

I headed up to the doctor on Monday and was told it had nothing to with the Topamax. (I'm not so sure) She gave me a list of things it could be and decided to run A LOT of tests. So, now I get to play the waiting game until they call me with the results. I am really hoping this is something fixable.

Has anybody else had this experience?

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