Sunday, November 13, 2011

Impossible To Get Along With!

Let me be honest. I have been hell to live with these last couple of days. I have been bitchy and well just plain out mean.

Let me take you back to Thursday. I told you earlier this week how my hair has been falling out and I had blood work to find out what the problem is. Thursday I got those results back. Turns out I have a hormonal imbalance and hypothyroidism. So, now I am on a slew of drugs and I feel worse than I did before.

I feel like my hormones are really out of wack now that I started taking the medicine. I am a basket case. I don't know why but I handled the hormonal thing okay. I mean I am taking it that I will get those regulated and I can then stop the medicine. The thyroid issue really bothers me. I know that the medicine for it is a lifelong thing now. That bothers me. It has had me upset. And I hate to tell my hubby this because it is just plain silly. I mean it could be a lot worse.

So, instead of these meds making me feel better - so far they have made me feel worse. Is there an end in sight? I sure hope so cause its pretty bad when you know you are bitchy but you can't seem to control it!

The Not-So-Secret Confessions of a First Time Mom


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