Sunday, November 6, 2011

SOCS: What An Uneventful Weekend

What an uneventful weekend! We spent Saturday morning at my oldest sons football game. It's playoffs and they actually won! So next Saturday we will spend our morning at his championship game.

Saturday afternoon was spent surfing the net trying to find another job. I don't technically "work" but I do have a little job I do from home that brings in a decent amount of money. Unfortunately they cut everyone back on Friday and its not going to be enough money to support what I need. So, its back to the job search again. I am back to searching for writing positions and trying to remember who hires writers. I am having a major memory block!! But I need to find some places fast cause we need that money!

Saturday evening we went to a demolition derby at our fair grounds. It was COLD! I was so glad when it was over.

Today it was right back to job hunting again without much luck so far. I am hoping this is going to turn around. And did I mention this day has just dragged by?? With the time change it seems like this day will never end!

Soon, it is off to fix dinner and not long after that its bed time! That means quiet time for Mommy! I can hardly wait!


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