Monday, November 21, 2011

Who I've Become

Wow, it's really been over a week since I posted.

Please forgive me. I just haven't felt like myself. Whoever that self is.

I feel like I am in some sort of limbo that I can't get out of. Between losing my job, all these health problems, sick kids and just life in general - I just feel like running away sometimes.

I know that is an awful thing to say but it's the truth. I have just been in this funk and haven't exactly known what to do with myself. I have questioned myself many times about exactly what is my purpose. Am I just a mother? Is that how I am defined? I feel like I have lost myself but I feel guilty for even thinking that.

My kids depend on me and I love being a mother but sometimes I just want to be called something else. I am sure I am not the only one who feels like this. I just have had a hard time dealing with this over the last week.

I just want to feel like myself again - whoever that may be. I'm just not sure who myself really is anymore. I am tired of being an anxiety ridden mother/wife who feels like she has no purpose but to wait on kids and a husband 24/7.

Sorry for the rant but I feel much better now that I have put it all into words. That really helps sometimes. So, back to trying into my groove and not feeling like I am in such a funk!

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