Sunday, November 6, 2011

Twins and Nap Time

Hello We transitioned to toddler beds about 4 weeks ago , shortly after the twins turned two years old. They were climbing out of their cribs and we figured it be safer to go ahead and put them in toddler beds before they fell and hurt themselves. I thought at this point we would be at a point when they actually were use to the beds and stayed in the beds. Unfortunately I was wrong.

I am still struggling on a daily basis to keep them in the beds when I lay them down for a nap. My son would easily stay there and take a nap. My daughter on the other hand feels the need to get up and get into everything that is not bolted down.

Now, what I don't get is that my husband (on the days he is home) can go in there only once and fuss at them and they will listen and go right on to sleep without getting up 10-15 times. It is very frustrating because I do the exact same thing he does. Trust me I have studied how he handles it! Obviously the male voice has an affect on them.

At first I was going into their room a good 10-15 times before they finally went to sleep. There were days that the nap just didn't happen. As the weeks have gone by, the amount of times I need to go in there and fuss at them has gotten less but we are still working really hard on not having to in and fuss at them numerous times.

What have I learned? I need to go in immediately when they get up. If they are given time to run around, they are more likely to end up and do it again. When I go in as soon as their feet hit the ground, they know I mean business. My advice - patience and lots of it. I know we will get past this but it just takes time. I just need to be consistent.

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